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Really quick guide on how to choose the best tennis racket for you!

How did I choose my first racket?

I remember times when I was choosing my first racket. It was such a pleasure, I did not think about many things except two which were important to me. Price and Brand. When coming to price, I was pretty sure where my budget is. I knew that I can not spend more, even if I desirably would like to. When thinking about brand, my wish was Head. The brand of the one and only Andre Agassi. I did not have enough money to buy his type of racket (Head Radical), but I would like to have at least the same brand. The best tennis racket from my favorite brand.

Now I would consider too many aspects to come to conclusion. I would probably borrow a racket from my shop for two or three practices to get the feeling about it. I would switch between two or three chosen models before coming to shop with my credit card. Well, the process of buying does not take few days anymore for me. To choose the best racket for me is not easy anymore.

Long Long instructions

When you are thinking about buying a racket, you will find a lot of useful instructions. Some are very very long. Here is the one I like the most.

However, sometimes you do not have enough time to read everything everywhere and you want to decide quickly. That is the time to read our quick questions/answers format which helps you to choose quickly what you want.

Just 4 questions you need to answer before choosing the right racquet

1. What is Grip Size for you?

This is very important. How big is your palm will decide what grip size you will prefer? Handling of the racquet has a big impact on your playing. So better go to a local tennis store and try some rackets before you purchase one. Do not rely on instructions (even with pictures) on the web, it is always better to try it in reality. When you can not decide between two sizes, always choose the smaller one. You can always increase the size with overgrip tape.

2. What is Head Size suitable for you?

You will find a lot of advice that bigger head size (106 – 118 square inches) is good for beginners. I started with 98 square inches head size, which is not big in any metrics, but I feel comfortable from start and was never thinking about switching to bigger head sizes. Almost every good player including ATP professionals plays with 98 square inches head size. So do not waste time with long thinking. 98 square inches head size is the best tennis racket for almost everyone.

3. Do you want amateur or professional racket?

Usual question of every seller in every sports shop you visit. If you say amateur, you will get the heavy racket with big head size. Forget it. You should start with the racket you wanna play in future. It is really hard to switch from big head size and heavy racket to smaller head size and light racket. So always try to find professional racket for a reasonable price.

4. What brand of racket do you want?

After answering all technicalities we asked above, you come to a passionate part of choosing the racket. Brand of the racket is important for your social status. You can choose the same brand like your favorite player has (check here – ATP TOP 100 PLAYERS AND THIER RACKETS or here – WTA TOP 100 PLAYERS AND THIER RACKETS), or you can choose the brand nobody in your tennis club have (check here – SRIXON or here – PACIFIC). I know that it seems posh and foolish to make choice based on this criteria. But you have to keep in mind, that your racket will go with you for a long time. And like you need to have good grip size for good handling on the court, you will also need to have peace in your mind when you play with your brand. So if you are Roger Federer fan, do not buy Head Racquet or Yonex one. Buy yourself only Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph.

Check your favorite player and racket he uses in our search tool with 300+ tennis players.

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