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At the moment I use the same racquet like Stan Wavrinka. Yonex VCORE Tour G330. Of course, I do not play like him, but sometimes I play with my friend who accidentally uses Wilson Pro Staff RF. During matches, we feel like Wavrinka and Federer in London O2 Arena during the semifinal of great ATP World Tour Finals 2014 (just to remind you, Federer won 4-6 7-5 7-6 and after the match, there were a lot of buzz around Mirka Federer comments on Wavrinka during the game). Well, frankly our wifes are not watching us playing tennis, but with two great rackets, we have at least quite a good feeling inside. And also the quality of our game is inferior compared to Federer and Wavrinka, but who cares.


I made a small research about prices of the 10 best tennis rackets. Best for me means that they are used by best players. 10 best rackets then mean that they are used by ATP TOP 10 players. So if you would like to give someone nice present and makes him really pleased, this list is for you. What can be a better gift for an enthusiastic amateur tennis player than racket which is used by real tennis pro?

So here is overview of ATP TOP 10 tennis rackets prices: (as of December 2015)

ATP RANKNAMERACKET BRANDRACKET TYPEUSDEURGBPvalue vs. price according to Tennis pro guru
1Djokovic NovakHeadGraphene XT Speed Pro179,94147,90140,81****
2Federer RogerWilsonPro Staff RF97 Autograph229,00139,95121,90****
3Murray AndyHeadGraphene Radical Pro189,00140,0099,06****
4Wavrinka StanYonexVCORE Tour G 330199,00197,31261,70***
5Berdych TomasHeadGraphene XT Instinct MP159,95135,50109,99**
6Nishikori KeiWilsonBurn 100179,00152,23105,86**
7Nadal RafaelBabolatPlay AeroPro Drive179,00183,85129,99*
8Ferrer DavidPrinceTour100189,00114,0091,90**
9Raonic MilosWilsonBlade 98159,00160,42109,90**
10Simon GillesHeadYouTek IG Prestige MP139,95129,9091,39***
best *****
worst *

We used Amazon as primary source of our prices. We made research at the beginning of October, so please take the prices as approximate and check actual prices here. When choosing the racket do not forget to choose right grip size and check if the racket is strung or unstrung. All this parameters can influence final price you will pay.

The choice is always hard, it very much depends on your player preference. I can hardly imagine that long-term fan of Roger Federer will buy Yonex racket. His choice will always be Wilson, preferably Pro Staff RF97. However it is not cheapest one, but with some smart deal, you can take Nishikori’s Burn100 or Raonic’s Blade 100. Not Federer racket but at least Wilson, Federer brand.

If you are going after price and saving you can always choose Gilles Simon’s Head which is really cheapest one between top10 tennis racquets. But frankly, I did not meet a player in my relatively long tennis playing history who came to court and talk up about brand new Gilles Simon racket he bought and play with it. Well, not every racket from top10 tennis player is really marketable in your social circles.

Generally, if you want to impress you have to buy Djokovic, Federer or Murray racket. Maybe Wawrinka’s racket too as Yonex is not so widespread and you will be really just only one (maybe one or two) with his racket. However, Wawrinka’s racket is a little bit more expensive than others. So I would prefer probably Andy Murray’s Head Graphene Radical Pro. Good price for exclusive racket from a great player. Pretty good choice for your playing and also makes you feel happy.

So, what will be your choice?

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Tennis Pro Guru

Simon is the leading editor of from 2015. He is an avid tennis player from age of 5, however, he never reached the pro level. Still, he likes playing tennis on different courts, with different rackets, and against different opponents. In his free time, you can find him watching all possible tennis matches he can find on the web or tv. Challenger or Grand Slam? It does not matter, just tennis matters.

He currently plays with:
Racket: Wilson Shift 99 V1
Strings: Babolat RPM Blast
Grip: Head Xtreme Soft
Shoes: Asics Gel Dedicate 7 (for hard outdoor and indoor courts) & Asics Gel-Game 5 Clay (for clay courts),
Balls: Dunlop Fort All Courts and Head Championship
Bag: Axiom Backpack


  1. I’m sorry but I had to laugh about this article.

    Being played by the best players does not mean it’s the best racket (for you). First of all these players use modified frames so they are not playing with stock frames so you can not compare that to rackets available in the store.

    The best players are playing with a racket by the company that pays the most, if you pay Djokovic 200 million dollar a year he will be playing with a Donnay racket tomorrow….

    It is not unusual for a pro player to keep playing with a previous brand (after they have switch from sponsor) or other version/type of the same brand disguised by a paint job. It is all marketing.

    I am a Federer fan and I do like wilson frames but the RF97 is really not the best frame they have aver made….

    You don’t buy a racket to impress or to pose, but to play great with and feel comfortable with. Prince rackets are usually a lot less stiff then Babolat for instance, so if you are tennis elbow sensitive stay away from the stiff Babolat’s :-).

    When it come to buying a racket a lot of thing come to mind, like gender, age, racket headsize, string pattern, frame stiffness, weight, lenght, and also the type of string that you use. Go to a good tennis shop, get advise from an expert, and test a lot of different racket’s (for a longer period) to find out what works out for you, before you buy anything at all.

    It happens a lot that a beginner buys a heavy ‘roger federer’ racket ending up with injury’s or frustration because it a to difficult racket for a beginner and than they quit tennis because it is to hard.

    • you should have written the review. Advice on racket selection was more enlightening than actual critic who seemed more concerned about appearances and emuting your favorite player. thanks.rrhgrant

  2. Roger Federer is my favorite tennis player. I’m impressed from his technique and shots. Definitely love watching his matches. I’m using WIlson when playing tennis and it is very comfortable.

  3. Next time, can you publish something not written by an illiterate? Seriously.

    ‘..accidentally uses Wilson Pro Staff’

    ‘..all this parameters’

    ‘..there were a lot of buzz’

    Jesus Tap Dancing Christ!! Don’t quit your Day Job.


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