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December is the best time to look at tennis rackets new releases for 2019. What will tennis racket producers offer in 2019? Here is the list of 2019 tennis rackets models we like most.

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Babolat is updating one of its model lines (Pure Drive, Pure Aero or Pure Strike) every two years. The year 2019 belongs to new Babolat Pure Aero 2019. Rafa Nadal iconic tennis racket got a new facelift.

At first, you notice a new black-yellow color combination, but that is not the only change we noticed. Babolat Pure Aero 2019 is less stiff than its predecessor and offers a relocated dampening system.

It is always hard to improve already perfect racket. Pure Aero 2019 provides the same infinite spin potential and extreme power as 2017 version. Moreover, it gives you additional comfort in playing and better feel at the net.

This 2019 model is suitable for every player from beginner to expert.

Babolat Pure Aero 2019 with 100 in2 head and 27 inches length is available in three versions: Pure Aero 2019 (with strung weight: 318g/11.2oz), Pure Aero Team 2019 (with strung weight: 301g/10.6oz) and Pure Aero Lite 2019 (with strung weight: 286g/10.1oz).


Most awaited tennis racket of 2019 is here. Wilson Clash was introduced on the 15th February 2019 and can be bought right now. Clash a brand new Wilson product line will be added to ProStaff, Burn, Blade, and Ultra model lines.

Clash is easily recognized by color combination (red – grey – black) but still stays in-line with the design of other Wilson rackets.

Wilson Clash can be a new ultimate racket for intermediate and advanced players. Wilson promises absolutely new ratio of stiffness and flexibility. The racket is introduced with the slogan “The revolution is here”. We will see if that’s true in a very short time.

There are two versions of Wilson Clash already available. Both versions have 100 sq. inches head, 16×19 string pattern, and length 27 inches. They differ in weight. Wilson Clash 100 weighs 295 grams (unstrung), Wilson Clash 100 Tour weighs 310 grams (unstrung).

Update: 06/09/2019:

Wilson adds three new specifications on June 15. The product line of Wilson Clash will consist of five models with three different head sizes (98 sq in, 100 sq in and 108 sq in) and three different weights (280 g, 295 g, 310 g). You can find all the specifications in the table below.

WILSONClash 100Clash 100 ProClash 98Clash 100LClash 100ULClash 108
For PlayersIntermediateAdvancedAdvancedBeginnersBeginnersBeginners
Head Size100 sq in/645 sq cm100 sq in/645 sq cm98 sq in/632 sq cm100 sq in/645 sq cm100 sq in/645 sq cm108 sq in/697 sq cm
Length27 in/68.58 cm27 in/68.58 cm27 in/68.58 cm27 in/68.58 cm27 in/68.58 cm27.25 in/69.22 cm
Weight [unstrung]10.4 oz/295 g10.9 oz/310 g10.9 oz/310 g9.9 oz/280 g9.3 oz/265 g9.9 oz/280 g
Balance10 pts HL/31 cm12 pts HL/30.6 cm12 pts HL/30.6 cm9 pts HL/31.5 cm1 pts HL/34.1 cm3 pts HL/33.5 cm
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Wilson gave us at least something till the Wilson Clash racket will be available. The new camouflage aka Camo collection.

Wilson Camo collection comprises of five tennis rackets models, backpacks, tennis bag, footwear, and overgrips.

The design cannot be named better as it is already. Camouflage pattern all around, but still leaving some characteristical features of simple color identification of individual racket lines.

Wilson Tennis rackets available in Camo collection: Pro Staff 97L CV, Blade 98L, Ultra 100L, Burn 100S Orange, Burn 100LS Sand.


Head Graphene 360 Extreme Series was released on 8th November 2018 and is the latest addition to Head tennis racket collection. It uses the base of popular Graphene 360 technology which provides excellent power and speed (check our review of another Head Graphene racket here).

The Extreme adds additional spin potential thanks to funnel grommets allowing greater main string movement. Head also offers an absolutely new design of acid yellow and black color combination we did not see before.

I like Head rackets for its power, adding spin is just an extra bonus for power players like me.

Head Graphene 360 Extreme racket series is endorsed by Richard Gasquet, has a 16 x 19 string pattern and is available in three different versions: Extreme Pro (unstrung weight 310g/10.9oz), Extreme MP (unstrung weight 300g/10.6oz), Extreme Light (unstrung weight 265g/9.3oz). This wide range should satisfy players of every type from beginners to advanced ones.


Dunlop rackets are not widespread between professional players, but Kevin Anderson alone is doing a pretty good job for Dunlop brand. In January 2019 new Dunlop CX200 Tour rackets series will be introduced.

Dunlop CX200 tennis racket will use expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (Infinergy is the officially licensed name of the material). It should help reduce the vibration of the racket by 37%.

The racket should have an 18×20 string pattern with different density of strings in the middle and in the top of the frame.  That should even power distribution and increase sweet spot.

Unstrung weight 315g/11.1oz makes Dunlop CX200 Tour one of the heavier and stronger rackets suitable for hard-hitting players enjoying the power.

CX200 series should consist of two tour-level designs and four additional models, all coming during the first days of 2019.


Tecnifibre relaunched its T-Fight series during autumn 2018 and so technically it is not 2019 model. However, we expect that it will get a major attention in the first months of 2019 so we decided to include it in our new release article.

Tecnifibre T-Fight XTC made serious design changes to its flagship. T-Fight XTC was designed by Lacoste and French national colors dominate the frame. In our opinion, it is one of the nicest rackets we saw.

Tecnifibre T-Fight XTC series consists of 7 different models. Lightweight performance models with 100 in2 are delivered with weights 265g, 280g, 295g and should direct at junior or older players. Power models are available with 16×19 string pattern and weights 300g and 315g. They should serve well to advanced players. Control models have 18×19 string pattern and weights 305g and 320g. Control models are suitable for professional top players, e.g. Jeremy Chardy plays with T-Fight XTC 305 control model.

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section below what are your favorite tennis rackets for 2019.

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