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Update: 04/12/2020 – Cap with Roger Federer famous RF logo is back!

Former Nike RF Cap, Source: Pixabay

The sale of the iconic RF cap will start on December 8, 2020. According to the press release of Roger Federer & Uniqlo, Roger Federer regained control of his RF logo (from Nike) this year, and the iconic RF cap is back. This time the cap was made by Uniqlo and is available in eight different colors.

Choose your RF CAP color at UNIQLO


Many tennis fans noticed the red box with a white letter sign on the shirts of a few respectable players. The logo was seen on the Novak Djokovic shirt for years before he switched to Lacoste. Roger Federer and Kei Nishikori are the proud bearers of the logo now. Uniqlo – that is what the writing in the box says – is known to many tennis fans, but just a few know what for a company it is. The recognition of this brand is much lower than other renowned tennis brands like Nike, Adidas, or even New Balance. Let us explain a bit about the history, production, and status of this company.

Company and Its Origin

Uniqlo Logo

Uniqlo is a clothing brand belonging to Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. Fast Retailing is a Japanese corporation quoted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The retail holding company owns besides Uniqlo several other retail brands like J Brand, Theory, and Comptoir des Cotonniers. However, Uniqlo is the primary and biggest brand of Fast Retailing.

Uniqlo was established in the early 80s of the last century in Japan. The first store was opened in 1984.

Product range

Uniqlo is a clothing company. It produces casual wear at affordable prices for kids, women, and men.

Check the Uniqlo products at its online store here

Uniqlo presents their t-shirts, shorts, jacket, and other clothing products as LifeWear. LifeWear is high-quality daily wear for everyone.

The company controls entire process from planning, design through manufacturing to selling and marketing of their products.

Currently, Uniqlo is the fourth biggest clothing brand in the world.

Uniqlo and Tennis

Uniqlo presence in world of tennis is visible for many years. Novak Djokovic was their global ambassador till 2018, when he switched to Lacoste.

He was replaced by the other name, a player considered to be the Great Tennis Player of All Time. Roger Federer signed the $300 million, 10 years deal with Uniqlo in 2018.

Federer spent 20 years with Nike but the relationship deteriorated in the last years of his contract. The move made Federer the best-paid tennis player in history.

Uniqlo also supports Japanese tennis player Kei Nishikori, former no. 4 in ATP ranking. Adam Scott, the golfer, and Ayumu Hirano, the Winter X Games skier, are other athletes signed by the company.

Check the sports wear offered by Uniqlo here

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