Tennis Quiz: What do you know about the ATP Finals?

ATP Finals is the grand season-ending tournament. When was this tradition established? And who is the most successful player in the ATP Finals? Test yourself in our ATP Finals quiz and answer 10 questions.




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#1. What was the orginal name of season-ending ATP tournament?

The 1st edition of the year-end tournament for best players of the season was organized in 1970 under the name Masters Grand Prix.

#2. When was the current name "ATP Finals" adopted?

There were five different names used for the ATP Finals in the past. It all started with Masters Grand Prix in 1970. In 1990 the tournament was renamed ATP Tour World Championships. In 2000, the tournament was called Tennis Masters Cup, just to be replaced in 2009 by ATP World Tour Finals.

Finally, in 2017 the tournament was named ATP Finals, and the sponsor name was added to the official title.

#3. What city did host the ATP Finals tournament most often?

New York hosted ATP Finals 13 times, from 1977 until 1989. London was the host for 12 years from 2009 until 2020. Shanghai got the opportunity to be an event holder just 5 times in 2002 and from 2005 until 2008.

#4. Was the ATP Finals ever played on clay?

The usual court surface for ATP Finals is hard (from 1996 with 2005 as an exception). However, in the early years, it was played on the carpet surface (until 1995 and then once in 2005). In one case, in Melbourne in 1974, the ATP Finals were hosted on grass courts.

#5. How is the final match of the ATP Finals played?

The final game of the ATP Finals was originally played as the best of five sets. However, in 2008 the format was changed to the best of three sets.

#6. How many players won singles and doubles titles at the ATP Finals in the same year?

John McEnroe and Stan Smith are the only players, who won singles and doubles at the ATP Finals in the same year. Stan Smith won it at the inaugural tournament in 1970. John McEnroe did that three times in 1978, 1983, and 1984.

#7. Who has the most ATP Finals singles titles so far?

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic won the ATP finals 6x (Roger Federer: 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011 – Novak Djokovic: 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2022).

Pete Sampras and Ivan Lendl have five wins.

John McEnroe won ATP Finals three times and when he won singles, he won also doubles that year.

#8. Which pair has the most ATP Finals doubles titles wins so far?

Peter Fleming and John McEnroe won the doubles at the ATP finals seven times in a row. They ruled on the courts from 1978 until 1984. Bryan brothers have four wins together, and Mike added one more in 2018 with Jack Sock. Swedish duo Stefan Edberg and Anders Jarryd won two times in 1985 and 1986, with Jarryd adding one more title in 1991 with John Fitzgerald.

#9. Who played the most singles matches at the ATP Finals?

Roger Federer played 59 matches during his 17 participations at the ATP Finals. Novak Djokovic has 46 matches so far, Ivan Lendl has 39 matches, and Boris Becker has 36 matches.

#10. Who has the most consecutive ATP Finals singles titles?

Novak Djokovic won 4 titles in a row from 2012 until 2015 (he won also in 2008 a 2022). Roger Federer has just 2 titles in a row, though, he did it three times (2003 – 2004, 2006 – 2007, 2010 – 2011). Ivan Lendl won three in a row from 1985 to 1987 (and two in a row from 1981 to 1982). Ilja Nastase won three in a row from 1971 to 1973 (and added one more in 1975).


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