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With all fitness tracker applications connected to your phone, it was just a question of time, when it will be possible to track everything tennis players do on the court. There was already Zepp and Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, but now also one of major tennis rackets brands entered the tracking business. Head Sensor is the latest tennis tracker gadget and application and we took a look at it.

How does tennis tracking sensor work?
Other tennis sensors
Head Sensor
What does Head Sensor track?
What application do you need?
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How does tennis tracking sensor work?

Generally, all tennis play tracking sensors are attached to your racket handle and work on the principle of monitoring your racket movements. Sensors have a motion sensor and vibration sensor for collecting the data about how you move your racket during a game or practice. Sensors transfer the data via a Bluetooth connection to an application in your smartphone. App then uses an algorithm to evaluate your racket movements and put them in a meaningful overview.

Other tennis sensors

Zepp sensors are universal and can be attached at the end cap of any tennis racket. It can be either stick at the end cap of the handle or mounted on it thanks to the plastic adapter. This way of attaching sensor can impact your playing style. Just some racket models enable to replace its cap with Zepp cap.

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor is unfortunately not available anymore. It was compatible with Wilson, Head, Yonex and Prince rackets.

Head sensor details

Head Sensor is a small 7g/0.25oz light cap you attach to the handle of your racket. You just remove logo cap on the grip end of the racket and put there Head Sensor instead. Head sensor is integrated into the handle, so it does not impact your play. Maximum weight impact of the sensor is 4 grams what is a negligible issue. Head Sensor is fully compatible with Head Graphene rackets (XT, Touch, 360).

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Head sensor has a battery inside, which has to be charged by a magnetic charger (included in kit). The charging takes usually 90 minutes and the battery lasts eight to ten hours, depending on the intensity of your play.

What does Head Sensor track?

Head sensor can analyze your practice or game. It will count the number of strikes you did and it will differentiate between forehands, backhands, slices, and volleys. It will measure and save speed, rpm, and sweet spot hits. Moreover, it can replay your serve movement of racket in 3D animation.

What application do you need?

Head Sensor works with Head Tennis Sensor application (available in Google Play and AppStore). The application is based on Zepp tracking software.

Our Recommendation

Players, who like to analyze their game, will be praising any app giving them data to support their view. Head Sensor is doing exactly that, supporting your feel with exact numbers. In case, you are playing with Head Graphene tennis racket, the sensor is definitely worth of trying. Maybe just from curiosity, but it can really give you another look at your play.


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