Tennis Shoes Insoles – The Additional Support for Your Feet

Watching your arms is the most important thing in tennis. However, the legs are crucial too. They provide stability, the ability to react quickly, change directions rapidly, and sometimes slide. Your legs are very prone to injury and happen to be a reason for longer breaks from tennis. That means you need to care about them as much as you care about your arms. Investing in the best tennis shoes helps a lot, but sometimes the additional support is needed. Tennis shoes insoles are a great way how to care about your feet.

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Tennis Shoes Insoles – How can they help?

Insoles improve alignment and abnormal foot motions that lead to many injuries. They also give your feet firm arch support and help with shock absorption.

In general, shoe insoles help your feet maintain stability and provide necessary cushioning at sensitive places. That leads to decreasing chance of incurring leg cramps.

Insoles also improve shoe comfort and extend the life of your tennis shoes. The best tennis shoes insoles enlarge the contact area between your foot and shoe. An enlarged area reduces the friction and blisters’ creation.

Overall, insoles can lead to a better and quicker response of your feet during the play.

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Insoles Material

Insoles are generally made from polyurethane or viscoelastic polymer. The plastic provides firm stability.

The top cover is from high-tech mesh for increased durability.

Insoles are antimicrobial treated for long-lasting odor control.

Best Insoles for Tennis Shoes

Insoles sold at retail stores are sufficient for the majority of players.

Just a few people with serious biomechanical issues, recurring injuries, or other diagnosed problems need customized insoles. These people should consult their orthopedist to get the right advice on suitable tennis shoe insoles.

The main principles for choosing the right tennis shoe insoles:

  • arch support has to match the shape of your arch
  • your arch shape determines your insoles
  • insoles can be for high, neutral, or low arch
  • avoid one-size-fits-all insoles
  • insoles should fit your size of feet
  • look for firm support insoles that do not collapse under the pressure
  • look for an additional cushion for your heel
  • the top cover of insoles should be durable (nobody wants to change insoles too often because of costs and comfort)
  • use your insoles at home during everyday activities to get used to them. Then you can use them on courts too.

The top brands for sports (and tennis) shoe insoles are Aertex [Check their Sports Insoles here], Sorbothane [Check their Sports Insoles here], Superfeet [Check their Sports Insoles here], or Plantar [Check their Sports Insoles here]. All brands offer an extensive variety of different insoles for different types of arch, and for various ways of use (including sports and tennis).

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