Cancha Racquet Bag Review

Cancha is U.K. based company founded by former tennis professional Jack Oswald. It creates and manufactures bags not just for tennis rackets. Their bags are known for their unique modular attachment system and exceptional durability even in stressful conditions. I had a chance to test their Cancha racquet bag and here is my experience with it.

Cancha Racquet Bag

Cancha Racquet Bag

For the record: the Cancha racquet bag for purposes of this review was provided by Cancha. This post contains affiliate links, and we can be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.


The first meeting with the Cancha tennis racquet bag is a bit surprising. It does not look like the usual tennis racket bag.

Of course, it has the same shape, but the design is different. The straps that enable attaching of other modules and the overall look is something new. The Cancha racquet bag looks slim but it is big enough to absorb all you need for your tennis session.

The modular attachment system allows customization of the bag easily with other Cancha accessories.

Cancha Bag Modular Attachment System

Cancha Bag Modular Attachment System

My tested bag was in black color, so I call it business casual. It really suits all kinds of clothes.

I can imagine that there will be people who will prefer a “conservative” tennis bag look with a big logo and catchy colors. My answer is clear, pick “cardinal red” or “forest green” Cancha racquet bag. The black one is definitely a “conservative” one.

You can check all available colors of the Cancha racquet bag here.

Cancha Racquet Bag Inner Space

The second thing I always examine in bags is the inner space and number of pockets. The slim look can scare people who need a suitcase for every tennis session. However, the inner space is big enough to accommodate a lot of things.

You can put there up to three racquets or one racquet and a bunch of other things like balls, tennis shoes, or t-shirts. The nylon fabric used for Cancha bags and the shape are adaptable and fits the load.

Inside space holds also a padded divider that helps sort things in the bag. You can use it either for separating the racquets or single racquet from other stuff.

There is one outer pocket on the bag for keys, wallet, or other small items you need to carry on.

Cancha Racquet Bag

Cancha Racquet Bag


All Cancha bags looks very solid. It is made from nylon fabric, which seems very durable and resistant to strains. Additionally, the bag has a water-resistant TPU coating to keep your things safe from rain all time.

Cancha Bag Straps

Cancha Bag Straps

My Opinion

Cancha racquet bag is light with a lot of inner space but a decent slim look. But the thing I like the most is the solid coated fabric used for the bag body. I use my equipment for as long as possible and do not like to change it every year. Cancha bag is so well made that it will last probably forever.

Check the price of the Cancha racquet bag here.


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