The Best Pickleball Balls for Outdoor and Indoor Use

Everybody knows the balls for Pickleball. They are the ones with many holes all around their rounded surface. Why do they have holes? And what are the best pickleball balls for beginners or advanced players? Read our guide below.

Requirements for balls (dimensions, colour, weight)
Types of Pickleball Balls
– Outdoor
— Best Outdoor Balls
– Indoor
— Best Indoor Balls

Franklin X-40 Outdoor Pickleball Ball

All you need to know about Pickleball Balls

Pickleball balls are usually yellow, green, orange, or red (the most popular colour is yellow). They are made from durable plastic and have holes. The number of holes is between 26 and 40.

The standard ball weight should be between 0.78 o.z. (22 g) and 0.935 o.z. (26.5 g). The diameter of the ball should be between 2.784 inches (7.07 cm) and 2.972 inches (7.55 cm).

The official regulation also sets that balls should be in uniform colour (except the brand name) and made out of durable moulded material with a smooth texture.

One good piece of advice before you buy some balls. Pickleball balls tend to wear out quickly, and you will be replacing them very often. Therefore, I recommend the purchase of a smaller pack (of 4 or 8 balls) at the start to find out if the playing characteristics of the ball suit you. And then go and buy the biggest pack possible to save money. Bigger packs are offered with price discounts very often.

Types of Pickleball Balls

There are two categories of pickleball balls: Outdoor and Indoor. They differ in weight and playing characteristics, which we explain below. However, you can use indoor balls at outdoor courts and vice versa.

A quick recap of the differences between Outdoor and Indoor balls:

Outdoor BallsIndoor Balls
More holes (40)
Smaller holes
Less holes (26)
Bigger holes
CharacteristicsMake more noise
Crack and wears out more quickly
Need to be replaced more often
Make less noise
Do not crack so often
Become softer after time
Type of PlayFor stronger hits
Rallies are shorter
Better control of the ball
More forgiving
Rallies are longer
Read more about Outdoor ballsRead more about Indoor balls
Best Outdoor Pickleball BallsBest Indoor Pickleball Balls

Outdoor balls

Outdoor balls are heavier and harder. They have smaller holes and more of them (usually 40). They are more durable and made from smooth plastic.

The extra weight makes them less affected by wind and also louder. The weight of the ball causes the hit by an outdoor ball to usually hurt more than by an indoor ball.

Due to the playing conditions on outdoor courts (UV rays, rougher courts), outdoor balls tend to crack and degrade more quickly. It often happens that the outdoor ball is not rounded anymore and does not fly straight.

Rallies with outdoor pickleball balls are usually shorter and players have to replace outdoor balls more often than indoor balls.

The Best Outdoor Pickleballs Balls

Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball BallsFranklin Sports X-40 Performance Outdoor PickleballsDura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleballs
for Outdoor use
with True Fly Technology
Extremely durable
for Outdoor use
USAPA approved balls for US Open
X-40 Performance technology for superb flight
for Outdoor use
Most popular among professional players
Optimized for windy conditions
Available in two colors (Yellow or Neon Green)
Available in 4, 8, 12, 24, or 100 ball pack
Available in two colors (Yellow or Pink)
Available in 12 and 100 ball pack
Available in three colors (Neon, White, Yellow)
Available in 6 ball pack

Indoor balls

Indoor balls are lighter and have fewer holes on the surface (usually 26). The holes are bigger as there is no wind on indoor courts. The weight and structure of the holes would make indoor balls not very stable when used on outdoor courts.

Indoor balls are softer, make less noise, and offer better control. Control is the reason why many players use them outdoor. They are more forgiving, and the hits are not as strong as with outdoor balls. Rallies with indoor pickleball balls are usually longer.

You do not see many indoor balls crack or go out of the round. As indoor balls wear out, they become softer. Indoor balls usually last longer than outdoor ones. However, the exact time depends on the way and frequency of playing.

The Best Indoor Pickleballs Balls

Jugs Indoor PickleballsOnix Fuse Indoor PickleballsHAIXING Premium Indoor Pickleball Balls
for Indoor use
for beginners and recreational play
Forgiving playing characteristics
for Indoor use
USAPA approved
Ideal for beginners
for Indoor use
Consistent bounce
Balanced flight pattern
Available in two colors (Lime Green and White)
Available in 6, 12 and 36 ball pack
Available in two colors (Yellow or Orange)
Available in 3, 6, 12 or 100 ball pack
Available in 12 ball pack
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