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Tennis Net Guide – All you need to know

Everybody knows that a tennis net is an essential part of any tennis game: no net, no play, no fun. However, not many people know what the right sizes of a tennis net are. Either if you want to buy a new tennis net for your court or club, or […]

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Yonex Tennis Racket

Yonex Tennis Racket Review – Yonex EZONE Xi 98

I bought my Yonex tennis racket two years ago. My play stagnated that time so I made quite extensive research about the characteristics and features my new racket should possess. I thought that new racket will give me a boost and I will develop my play further. Here is the […]

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My Asics Tennis Shoes for Clay


It is exactly twelve months since I bought new clay tennis shoes. I definitely need them, as my old model tear apart after extensive usage for almost three years. Clay is a pretty demanding surface for tennis. You need to be able to slide but not slip on clay. You […]

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