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The most important part of your game is definitely your tennis racket. There is no general opinion which rackets is the best in the world. Every group of players has different preferences. Tennis Racket suitable for professional can be too hard for an amateur to use. What is good for women playing recreationally could be bad for a junior amateur. We look at different categories and give you a hint of what are the best tennis rackets for every group of players.


How to define the best tennis racket?

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Best Tennis Racket – What has to be taken into consideration?

The term “best tennis racket” can be tricky. The best for one player is not the best for another player. Different players have different needs and what suits one does not necessarily suit all. Therefore we need to be very careful with the use of the best tennis racket. Basically, you need to consider more features and elements to pick the best tennis racket for you.

At first, you need to consider the length, weight and head size of the racket. Then you should think about the features needed for your playing style.


Length is the basic and the most simple parameter. The adult tennis racket is usually 27 inches long, that is the same almost for all tennis rackets. No need to think about it for a long time.


Weight of the racket is usually in the range from 250 grams to 350 grams. The heavier rackets are for more advanced players. The lighter rackets are suitable for intermediate and beginner players. Recreational players use rackets with a weight of around 300 grams. Professionals go with 330+ grams rackets. Lighter rackets are easier to swing and have a shorter reaction time. Heavier rackets have more power and you will be able to hit harder and play more aggressive.

Head Size

Head size is directly connected with the size of the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the place that directly hits the ball. Larger head size means a larger sweet spot. Then you will have fewer off hits.

95 square inches and 98 square inches head sizes are really for more advanced players. Intermediate players usually play with 100 square inches rackets. Beginners use bigger head sizes (100+ square inches).

Features – Control & Spin & Power

There are three basic features you need to have in a balance. Control, spin potential, and power.

Control means that the ball will land at the place you target. The spin potential is the ability of tennis racket to give the ball topspin or backspin with lower possible effort. Power is the ability of the racket to add speed to your hits.

It is hard to have all these three factors at the highest possible level. If your racket has big spin potential and precision of the shots is high, then you will probably need a lot of extra effort to play aggressive tennis with strong hits. The more powerful racket you get than you will lack either the control or you will have a problem to play hits with a spin.

Therefore you need to find a tennis racket that will suit your needs. Offensive players prefer heavier rackets (315+ grams) with smaller head sizes (95 to 98 sq. inches) to maximize the power. Defensive players use lighter rackets (300 grams) with head sizes around 100 square inches.

Below you will find our recommendations for the best tennis players for different categories of players.


Tennis Rackets used by Women professionals

Most used tennis racket brands among Women professionals world are Babolat and Wilson. Approximately two-thirds of WTA Top 100 players use racket from one of these two brands. Yonex and Head are used by approximately twenty-five percent of Top 100 players. The rest of the players use either Prince, Dunlop/Srixon, Tecnifibre, Slazenger or Volkl rackets.

Best Tennis Racket for Professional Players 


It is not surprising that this racket is also used by two most amazing players in present times, Gabriela Muguruza and Karolina Pliskova. It provides a good balance between power and feel.

Head size: 100 sq.inches
Weight: 300 g

Best Tennis Racket for Intermediate and Advanced Players 


Famous brand, famous racket used by famous tennis players. Serena and Venus Williams won a lot of games and tournaments with this piece of tennis art. The Bigger head gives you extra reach, the sweet spot is adjusted to the bigger frame. All clicks together and you have probably the best racket for women in the world.

Head size: 104 sq.inches or 98 sq.inches
Weight: 289 g

Best Tennis Racket for Beginners 


Tecnifibre developed the racket for women. It is lighter, a little bit shorter compared to the usual 27 inches racket and with adjusted frame. All in all, ladies got an easier swing and better spin potential. That is all you need when you are starting your tennis practice.

Our review of Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo

Head size: 100 sq. inches
Weight: 255 to 290 grams (depending on the exact model)


Tennis Rackets used by Men professionals

In Men pro tennis world there three dominant brands. Wilson, Head, Babolat fight for the title of most used men racket brand. However, they are still neck to neck these days. More than seventy-five percent of ATP Top 100 players use rackets of these three companies. Rest of ATP Top 100 players uses Yonex, Tecnifibre, Srixon/Dunlop, Prince, Pro Kennex or Pacific Rackets.

Best Tennis Racket for Professional players


This racket is an absolute beast. RF in the name means Roger Federer. Smaller head, but a lot of weight in the frame gives you free and fast swing. The frame is always ready for a spin. Roger would not give his name on something bad. This the best you can have.

Our review of Wilson Pro Staff 97LS [290 grams version]tennis racket

Head size: 97 sq. inches
Strung Weight: 355 g

Best Tennis Racket for Intermediate and Advanced Players

Wilson Clash 100

Wilson marketing campaign does not lie. This is a racket revolution. Lightweight, maximum control and no drop in power. Impossible? No, it is Wilson Clash. We tried it and we are impressed.

Our review of Wilson Clash 100 tennis racket

Head size: 100 sq. inches
Strung Weight: 310 g


Racket used by clay king, one and only, Rafael Nadal. This racket is absolute killer from the baseline but still lets the player to have great ball feel. The racket frame is probably the fastest in the world.

Head Size: 100 sq.inches
Weight: 300 g

Best Tennis Racket for Beginner & Intermediate players


The higher version is used by Novak Djokovic. This version with 18 x 20 string pattern is more forgiving than other comparable rackets. The Dense pattern gives you increased sweet spot and you will always hit the target.

Head Size: 100 sq.inches
Strung Weight: 332 g


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