Tennis Rackets and Tennis Shoes – new arrivals for 2022 season

What is waiting for you for a fresh tennis start in 2022? Check the list below of what tennis shoes and tennis racket brands have for you. Available now or soon.

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Wilson Ultra v4

After new versions of Clash and Blade, the time has come for a brand new Wilson Ultra v4.


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Available from August 31 at Wilson store here.

Wilson Clash v2

Wilson Clash was introduced in February 2019 and three years later version 2 is coming.

The original Clash is the racket of my choice (as you can read in my Wilson Clash review), so I can not wait to put my hands on the v2.

The good thing about introducing a new version is the pricing of the original version.

Check the prices of Wilson Clash at Wilson shop here.

Wilson Blade v8 US Open Limited Tennis Racket Edition

Wilson prepared a special edition of its Blade v8 racket for US Open. The main change is the improvement of the frame which provides extra stability. Moreover, the design of the racket reminds the special US Open night sessions.

Except for the above-mentioned features, Wilson Blade v8 US Open Limited Edition offers everything you know from Wilson Blade v8 which was introduced a few months ago.

The main advantage of the Blade racket is its strength which is aimed at aggressive strikers.

Wilson Blade v8 US Open Edition specifications:

Head Size: 98 sq in
String Pattern: 16×19
Strung Weight: 321 g
Unstrung Weight: 305 g
Length: 27 in – 68 cm

Shop Blade rackets at Wilson shop.

Adidas Barricade New Tennis Shoes

Adidas Barricade tennis shoes are legendary. Everyone knows them, and almost everyone wanted them. So now, Adidas prepared a new version of this legend.

Control, comfort, and support are the keys to these brand-new shoes. Adidas Barricade has an intuitive lacing system with the neoprene tongue for a perfect fit. Cushioned midsole brings comfort and stability.

Shop Ladies and Men Adidas Barricade here

New Balance FuelCell 996v4.5 Tennis Shoes

Source: New Balance

Fuel Cell 996v4.5 is a new addition to the collection of New Balance Tennis Shoes.

Speed and comfort combined with an exciting design in men’s and ladies’ versions. Nobody can resist these extraordinary shoes for hard courts.

Shop FuelCell 996v4.5 here

Coco Gauff New Collection for New Balance

The rising American tennis star or new Serena Williams recently signed a contract with New Balance’s clothing and shoe company. And now we see the results of their cooperation.

Coco Gauff Collection brings you hoodies, tees, windbreakers, joggers, shorts, and lifestyle shoes. Fourteen different pieces of clothes and shoes in an innovative and exciting design.

Check the entire Coco Gauff collection here.

Head Boom Tennis Racquet

Head released a new tennis racket model in January 2022. Under the slogan “easy to play and impossible to beat” they promote the Head Boom tennis racket.

The Boom racket is available in four alternatives:
Head Boom Pro [98 in2, 310 g, 27 in, 16/19]
Head Boom MP [100 in2, 295 g, 27 in, 16/19]
Head Boom Team [102 in2, 275 g, 27 in, 16/19]
Head Boom Team L [107 in2, 260 g, 27.4 in, 16/19]

From the tech specifications, I would say, that Head Boom targets the same player as Wilson Clash.


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You can shop all Head rackets including Boom here.

Dunlop SX Tennis Racquet

Dunlop is bringing a new improved SX tennis racquet. S in the name means Spin and this racket is all about the spin.

The new Spin Boost+ Grommets technology is essentially a dynamic set of spin-enhancing grommets. The twelve shaped grommets generate additional spin. The string bed area increased by 22% helps spin too.

The new Dunlop SX racket will be available in five alternatives:
Dunlop SX 300 Tour [98 in2, 305 g, 27 in, 16/19]
Dunlop SX 300 [100 in2, 300 g, 27 in, 16/19]
Dunlop SX 300 LS [100 in2, 285 g, 27 in, 16/19]
Dunlop SX 300 Lite [100 in2, 270 g, 27.4 in, 16/18]
Dunlop SX 600 [105 in2, 260 g, 27.25 in, 16/18]

Shop Dunlop SX series here.

Yonex New Tennis Racket

Yonex is introducing a new Yonex Ezone – The easy one model for 2022.

Three new Yonex Ezone rackets will come to the market in mid-January 2022.

From January 15, you will be able to shop the 7th generation of Yonex Ezone in the following specifications:
Yonex Ezone 98 [98 in2, 305 g, 27 in, 16/19]
Yonex Ezone 100 [100 in2, 300 g, 27 in, 16/19]
Yonex Ezone ACE [102 in2, 260 g, 27 in, 16/19]

Other models will come in March (7) and August (3) 2022 making the Ezone – easy one line wide enough for anyone to pick.


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Shop Yonex EZONE rackets at Amazon here.

Artengo TR960 Control Tour Tennis Racket


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Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, is introducing its first professional tennis racket, Artengo TR960 Control Tour.

Artengo is the brand used for tennis and squash equipment sold by Decathlon for years. However this year, Decathlon signed popular French tennis player Gael Monfils, long-time Wilson player,  and also Russian tennis star Daria Kastakina, and equipped them with a brand new frame. The results of Monfils early in the year prove the racket has to be taken seriously.

Artengo TR960 Control Tour used by Gael Monfils should be available for the general public in May 2022. You can check the prices of other Artengo rackets in Decathlon stores here.

Skechers Pickleball Shoes

Skechers, the company known for its lightweight and comfortable footwear, is entering the pickleball. Check all we know about their new Skechers Viper Court Pickleball Shoes here.

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