3 Best Yonex Tennis Rackets

I spent a lot of time playing tennis with Yonex racquets. And even with Stan Wawrinka (most famous Yonex ambassador) regression I still believe in Yonex. I like the variability, ability the spin and high control Yonex rackets have. I like the Isometric head shape which increases sweet spot to help you avoid off-hits. And frankly, Yonex tennis rackets are really affordable in terms of pricing. Therefore, I put together the list of three best Yonex tennis rackets I played with. I add also information for whom the racquet is the most suitable.

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Three Best Yonex Tennis Rackets
Yonex VCORE Duel G
Yonex VCORE Si

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Best Yonex Tennis Rackets

1. Yonex VCORE Duel G

Yonex VCORE Duel G 1

From all my Yonex tennis experience, one tennis racket surpasses all others. All tested Yonex rackets have exceptional control over the ball. Yonex VCORE Duel G adds also excellent power. If I was ever really close to absolute satisfaction than it was the time I spent on the court with VCORE Duel G.

Yonex VCORE Duel G is probably stiffer as you would expect,  but with 300 grams still did not put any pressure on your arm. Swings went smoothly and I could choose if I want to spin the ball or use flat hit to push my opponent far behind the baseline.

I would use this racket any time for aggressive and offensively variable tennis. Intermediate and more advanced players would definitely enjoy this piece of tennis excellence.

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2. Yonex VCORE Si


Yonex VCORE Si would take your eyes immediately with fresh and colorful design. However, colors and design are not deciding the tennis game. Fortunately, this racket gives you absolute control over the ball.

You will maximize your playing potential with surgically accurate hits. I felt unbeatable at the net with a wide range of volley opportunities.

I would recommend Yonex VCORE Si to intermediate player who prefers precise but not so aggressive style of play. Doubles specialists can also take this racket and rely on it in any delicate situation at the net.

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3. Yonex EZONE DR

Yonex EZONE DR 100 2

Yonex EZONE DR is in the middle between VCORE Duel G and VCORE Si. It has a conservative design, but not so conservative as VCORE Duel G. Blue-back color is also far from attractive orange themed VCORE Si.

The same can be written about its playing style. EZONE DR has enough control over the ball, but not so much as VCORE Si. And it can produce a powered flat hit, but not so powered like VCORE Duel G.

Yonex EZONE DR is suitable for anyone who wants to play all-court tennis, who want the appropriate but not absolute control and power.

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