Wilson Naked Tennis Rackets Series

Climate and sustainability awareness is essential these days. And it is always good to see a company that thinks ecologically. Wilson is one of them, and that was clear a long time ago. Wilson Trinity tennis balls are an excellent example of this attitude. Now Wilson makes another “green” step forward with its Wilson tennis rackets Naked Series.

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Wilson tennis rackets Naked series pursue one important goal and use three “climate” favorable approaches.

First, they promise to use a portion of proceeds from Naked series sales to plant 1 000 000 trees. Secondly, Wilson will not use any solvent-based paints on the frames of this limited tennis racket series. And last but not least, all rackets of these series will be shipped in a recyclable cardboard box.

And as an extra, all bumpers, grommets, and buttcaps on rackets will be made from biodegradable algae-based “plastic.”

There are just limited numbers of naked series rackets available, so it means for every racket sold, Wilson will plant approximately 2 500 trees.

There are four different models available in this special eco-conscious series.

Wilson Naked Limited Edition of Tennis Rackets

Click here to see how Wilson Naked Series tennis rackets look.

Wilson Pro Staff Naked Series
[Specifications: 97 sq.in, 315 g, 16×19]
.you can buy the Pro Staff limited Naked series here

Wilson Clash Naked Series
[Specifications: 100 sq.in, 295 g, 16×19]
.you can buy the Clash limited Naked series here

Wilson Blade9
[Specifications: 98 sq.in, 305 g, 16×19]
.you can buy the Blade limited Naked series here

Wilson Ultra
[Specifications: 100 sq.in, 300 g, 16×19]
.you can buy the Ultra limited Naked series here

Each of them is available just in limited numbers, so move quickly before they are sold out.

And do not be surprised that the frames miss the colors you are used to. This is because all naked series rackets have a water-based protective coating instead of the usual paint. However, the playing characteristics are not impacted and stay the same as you are used to. For example, the Clash Naked is still the Wilson Clash you know.

Shop Wilson Naked Series here.

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