Lacoste Tennis shoes by Medvedev

It can not be a coincidence that number one and number two in the ATP ranking wear t-shirts of the same brand. And it is not Nike or Adidas as you would expect. Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev have contracts with Lacoste. Especially, Daniil Medvedev is a special case as he uses a Tecnifibre racket and plays in Lacoste dress and also shoes [see below]. Well, we will see how long it will last but till then let us dig deeper into the quality of the Lacoste tennis collection.

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About Lacoste company

First of all, three sentences about the origin of the company.

Lacoste is a French company founded in 1933 by two tennis players René Lacoste and André Gillier. Currently, it is owned by Swiss Maus Fréres.

The logo of Lacoste company is opaque.

Lacoste Tennis collection

Lacoste is mainly known for its polo shirts. You can see them pretty often at exclusive beach clubs or at golf courses. Though, Lacoste produces more than just polo t-shirts.

Its tennis collection consists of t-shirts, shorts, wristbands, hoodies, jackets, caps, sweatpants, and shoes.

View all products at Lacoste shop here.

Lacoste AG-LT21 Ultra Tennis Shoes

Lacoste AG-LT21 Ultra is the flagship of the Lacoste tennis shoe collection. The brand ambassador of these shoes is Daniil Medvedev, who has worn them since January 2021. [for your info Novak Djokovic prefers Asics tennis shoes]

The shoes are ideal for fast players in need to change their direction quickly. Players, who prefer aggressive movement on the court and need stability and comfort.

Lacoste AG-LT21 uses Goodyear rubber tread pods and has increased forefoot protection. Shoes have a padded collar around the ankle and a system with double lacing for a tight fit.

It is not probable that you will play like Medvedev in these shoes but at least you will get the same comfort feel like him.

Lacoste tennis shoes are made in variable color designs and are available in men’s and women versions.

View the price of Lacoste AG-LT21 Ultra at Amazon here or check all tennis shoes at Lacoste shop.

Lacoste Tennis T-Shirts

Tennis t-shirts are connected mainly with Novak Djokovic’s name.

Novak Djokovic Lacoste shirt or tennis polo has his signature on one shoulder and Lacoste badge on the other. The green crocodile on the chest is also a must.

His branded shirts are ultra-lightweight and breathable. The ultra-dry system is also embedded.

Overall, Lacoste shirts and polos are not just stylish but also very practical and comfortable.

Check all Lacoste Novak Djokovic branded products here.

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