New Tennis Rackets Models for 2023

Tennis racket manufacturers are producing new and updated versions of tennis rackets every season. The trend for this season is clear: less stiffness and a more comfortable feel. Check out below what all big tennis brands have new in the store for you this season.

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Babolat Pure Aero Origin

Almost the same racket as Rafael Nadal uses. It has a head size of 100 sq. inches, unstrung weight of 317 grams, a balance of 330 mm, and a string pattern of 16×19. If this racket that Nadal plays with is too heavy for you then also the lighter version of Babolat Pure Aero Rafa is available.

Babolat Pure Aero Rafa has the same specifications as Pure Aero Origin except for the weight. Pure Aero Rafa is only 290 grams which makes it more playable for the general public.

Check prices of new and old Babolat models here.

Wilson Pro Staff v14

The latest (14th update) from the successful series of Wilson Pro Staf tennis rackets is available in four versions from February 17. Pro Staff rackets are the ones that Roger Federer played with on tour.

Pro Staff 97 (97 sq. in, 315 g)
Pro Staff X (100 sq. in, 315 g)
Pro Staff 97L (97 sq. in, 290 g)
Pro Staff 97 UL (97 sq. in, 270 g)

Be the first to get your hands on a new Wilson Pro Staff here.

Wilson introduced also an absolutely new Wilson Shift tennis racket.

By the way, did you know there is also padel series of Wilson Pro Staff rackets?

All Wilson padel rackets are here.

Head Radical and Gravity with Auxetic technology

Head added new Auxetic technology to its Radical and Gravity tennis rackets. Auxetic materials behave really counterintuitive. They get thinner when compressed and fatter when stretched along their length.

Auxetic technology added to Head tennis racket frames should improve the feel of your shots. The better feeling provides more control to the players which would leads to using more spin and pace.

Check prices of new Head Gravity and Radical rackets with Auxetic technology here.


As the current dictates, the 7th generation of Yonex VCORE is less stiff and provides a more comfortable feel. Moreover, Yonex VCORE has a thinner beam at the tip of the frame, and a wider racquet head at 2 and 10 o’clock for a better launch angle.

A new Yonex VCORE is available in eight different versions with different head sizes and weights.

VCORE 95 (95 sq. in, 310 g)
VCORE 98 (98 sq. in, 305 g)
VCORE 100 (100 sq. in, 300 g)
VCORE 98L (98 sq. in, 285 g)
VCORE 100L (100 sq. in, 280 g)
VCORE Game (100 sq. in, 265 g)
VCORE Feel (100 sq. in, 250 g)
VCORE Ace (98 sq. in, 260 g)

Shop the 7th generation of Yonex VCORE here.

Dunlop FX 500 update

Dunlop updated its FX 500 series of tennis rackets. They are less stiff than the previous version and offer an enlarged sweet spot for improved hitting.

Dunlop FX 500 is made in four different versions: FX 500 Tour (98 sq. in, 305 g), FX 500 (100 sq. in, 300 g), FX 500 LS (100 sq. in, 285 g), FX 500 Lite (100 sq. in, 270 g). All of them can be seen here.

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