Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS Tennis Racquet Review

Roger Federer changed clothing provider and sponsor from Nike to Uniqlo lately. One of tennis world certainties disappeared. Fortunately, there is still something we take for granted. Roger Federer and Wilson cooperation. Wilson Pro Staff in Federer’s hands looks like an easy way to wins. But what about enthusiastic but average tennis player like me? Will Wilson Pro Staff make me a better player? I gave it a try and here is my Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS Tennis Racket Review.

What exactly did I test?

Here are the technical specifications of racket I had in my hands during practice and match.

Racket: Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS Tennis Racket
Weight: 290 grams/10.23 ounces (without strings) 306 grams/10.79 ounces (with strings)
Length: 69 centimeters/27 inches
Head Size: 97 square inches/626 square centimeters
String pattern: 16 mains/18 crosses
String tension: 55 lbs/25 kg

Embedded technologies:
Spin Effect Technology – by using fewer cross strings than main strings, you will reach more ball spin without changing your swing speed
Amplifeel Technology – by using Basalt and Graphite composite in the handle, you will have better feel and comfort when holding the racket
Braided Graphite – Basalt braided with graphite in the frame will reduce vibration transfer and increase the feel.


Some people say that design is not important. I feel it differently. I am influenced by the design of the racket. The very first impression I get is from what I see. And believe me, Wilson Pro Staff looks in reality even better than on the television.

The full black design is unique in the tennis world. Combination of glossy and matt at the frame is perfect. I would not mind having just full matt design, but glossy parts are natural at the frame too. (In the newest models the glossy parts were replaced with white ones)

The white (in silver tone) signs Wilson and ProStaff on the handle are first class work of racket designer. The small Federer image with the sentence “inspired by Roger Federer’s Pro Staff RF 97” is just the icing on the cream for every Roger fan.

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Playing with Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS

Comfort – Feel

My first words after I took Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS into my hands were “It is so light”. 290 grams did not look like a big difference to 310 grams racket I am used to. But believe me, it makes the difference. I had to get used to it a little bit, but then the swings went so easy. I did not need to put any effort into it. Definitely, my elbow and wrist were enjoying it too.

Control – Accuracy

Wilson Pro Staff is very good if you need to play accurate shots. I always struggle with backhand shots a little bit, but with Pro Staff, I felt really confident. I was able to hit corners and lines as never before. The control I have got with Wilson Pro Staff was very high.

I used increased control also in my service. The variability and accuracy of my service improved a lot with this racket.

On the other hand, Pro Staff will not forgive if you will not hit the ball with a sweet spot. Any off hits ended up in out. You have to be very precise in hitting and the racket will reward you with absolute control of the ball.

If you look for a larger sweet spot to correct your off hits check our review of Yonex Rackets with Isometric Head or Yonex Ezone Xi 98

I was very satisfied with the Wilson Pro Staff racket in defensive plays. I was able to get out of any trouble with accurate shots from behind the baseline, The only requirement is to be fast and to be in the right position for hits.

The ability to spin the ball improved without any additional effort on my side. Advertised Spin Effect Technology really worked.

Power – Strength

What I gained in defense, I lost in the offense. I missed the power when I needed to press the opponent and hit hard. I was not able to deliver hard shots. The missing 20+ grams caused I could not generate pressure on opponents. (Although, string tensions could have the impact on it too) I had to win points with accuracy and patience, not with the speed and offensive. You will hardly play Pete Sampras or Boris Becker “boom-boom” tennis with Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS.

Overall Rating













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