3 Best Wilson Tennis Rackets

We made our test during the event where we had access to 20+ different Wilson rackets. We got a chance to play with every piece for almost half an hour on a clay and our ranking of 3 best Wilson tennis rackets is based on this testing.

There are four basic product types of Wilson rackets. They have different technologies and you can differentiate them by the frame colors. Blue is Ultra, Orange is Burn, Green is Blade and Black is ProStaff.

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by TennisProGuru


This one absolutely steals our heart. Excellent control of the strikes. Smaller head, but still big enough to make a perfect play on the court.

The design is absolutely perfect, with a triangular inner shape which gives Wilson Ultra not just quite a good look, but also aerodynamic properties.

We were afraid of smaller head, but 97 square inches surprised us with no missed hits. We even do not touch the ball with the frame during the game, which is really surprising given my tennis ability.

The control of the ball is extraordinary, the shots are much stronger I was used to. My game was at least 20 percent better than usual. Really. This is my top pick from Wilson tennis rackets available.

We tested matte look, but there are also glossy Wilson Ultra available.

Head Size: 97 sq. in. / 625.81 sq. cm.
Length: 27in / 68.58cm
Strung Weight: 11.4oz / 323.18g
Balance: 12.7in / 32.26cm / 6 pts HL
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses


I am used playing with 98 inches head, anything smaller or larger is an unknown territory for me. 104 inches is really big, you can see the difference even with your eyes. I was trying this racket just from curiosity. To find out how it is to hold the same racket like Serena Williams.

I had pretty low expectations, ranging from many off-center hits to rubbing the frame on the clay when running. I was absolutely wrong.

This racket does not let you make off-center hits. The parallel drilling increases the sweet-spot, so even not ideally played hits are covered. The 104 inches head made me no problems at all. The weight is still pleasant at 306 grams, so no tennis elbow is in sight.

I was so surprised that this racket made my three best Wilson tennis rackets rank in a second, without any hesitation.

Head Size: 104 sq. inches / 671 sq. cm
Length: 27.5 inches
Strung Weight: 10.8 oz. / 306 grams
Balance: 5 Points Head Light
Endorsed by Serena Williams


This racket was my favorite before the event. Roger Federer name and the superior design. Love at first sight without even trying it on a court.

I tried two version of RF97. The 290 grams and 335 grams. The lighter one was too light for me, the feeling that you do not have strong enough racket in a hand is terrifying. But the second one was ideal. A little bit too heavier comparing to Ultra and Blade rackets. But the heavy frame gives you so nice swing and so much control over the ball.

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You have a matte and glossy version of RF 97 Autograph. The Roger Federer’s signature and sign “Designed with Roger in Switzerland. Engineered in Chicago.” on the stick from inside is just the obvious cherry on the top.

Head Size: 97 square inches / 625.8 sq. cm
Length: 27 inches / 68.6 cm
Strung Weight: 12.6 oz / 357 grams
Balance: 9 Points Head Light / 31 cm
Endorsed by Roger Federer

All testing took place during Wilson Ultra Demo Day on September 9, 2017. Here we give our opinion about the rackets we tested and we compare just rackets from this testing event. We do not compare tested rackets with rackets of another brand or from another event. We consider Demo Day as a useful way how to test a higher number of rackets and compare them between each other.

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