The 3 Best Head Tennis Shoes

Head is one of the most famous brands in the tennis industry. Originally founded in 1950 by Mr. Howard Head as a ski manufacturing company made its move to tennis in the late 60s of the last century. Now, it is firmly standing as one of the best tennis racket […]

Head Novak Tennis Racket Review

Kids are often attracted to the sport through a famous player. That is the reason a lot of brands are using the most prominent names to endorse products for kids. Tennis rackets are not an exemption. Babolat Nadal Junior is the most sold junior tennis racket. We can just argue […]

Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip Review

Recently I decided to try a new overgrip. I was looking for something softer and more sweat absorbing. I picked Head Xtreme Soft overgrip partly due to its name (Xtreme Soft) and partly due to reviews. My Experience At the moment I have used it for more than three weeks […]

Head vs Yonex Tennis Racket Comparison

The Head vs Yonex comparison is very interesting. In Men professional tennis Head is a strong second brand trying to overcome Wilson. Yonex sits satisfied at fourth place in popularity on ATP tour. However, among WTA professionals Yonex retakes the third position from Head and is on the move to […]

Wilson vs Head Tennis Racket Comparison

Picking Wilson or Head is a pretty tough choice. Both brands are leaders in the industry. The design of both, Wilson and Head tennis rackets, is pretty appealing, and also playing characteristics are at the highest possible level. The question if you like more Roger Federer, the synonym of Wilson […]

Babolat vs Head Tennis Racket Comparison

Racket choice is driven usually by two motives. The first is the playing characteristics of rackets. Do you prefer to spin, power, or control? Or do you need to mix it? The second motive is emotionally based. What design do you prefer or what racket is used by your favorite […]

Head Championship Tennis Balls Review

Head tennis balls are not very known and widespread in the USA. However, in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom they belong to bestsellers. They are used not just by professionals but are wide-spread at the club and recreational level. They beat even the Dunlop and Wilson tennis balls in […]

Head Sensor

Head Sensor Review – Tracking Your Tennis Game

With all fitness tracker applications connected to your phone, it was just a question of time, when it will be possible to track everything tennis players do on the court. There was already Zepp and Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, but now also one of major tennis rackets brands entered the tracking […]


Head – Ski & Rackets reinvented

Head is one of the most used and known brand in Tennis and Skiing. Many people use their products, tennis rackets, tennis balls or skis, but not many of them know the interesting history of the company. Head, the company which reinvented Skis and Tennis rackets, thanks to its founder […]

HEAD rackets most used between ATP players

CHECK LATEST POST WITH STATISTICS ABOUT MOST USED AND MOST SUCCESSFUL TENNIS RACKETS IN PROFESSIONAL TENNIS. First of all I want to tell you, that we updated all our data. First Grand Slam of 2016 finished and that is the right time to make all data correct. So we spend […]

Klizan returns to Head racket after three weeks

Is this a new world record? Just two matches,  4 sets,  131 minutes on court and new racket is changed for old one. We reported on 5th January that Martin Klizan, currently number 43 in ATP ranking, changed his racket at the start of the season. However his new Babolat racket […]


Update 17.11.2015 – Great Britain published nominations with 5 players after ITF delayed decision about Bedene availability. Shortly before the match Britain announce four finalists. Which rackets will tennis pros use during Davis Cup Final 2015? Davis Cup Final will take place in Ghent, Belgium on last November weekend. Singles […]

ATP Finals 2015 Racquets – Head rules

updated 1.11 – all participants are set.  We will see 3 Head, 2 Wilson, 1 Yonex, 1 Babolat and 1 Prince racquet in London. Final of this year ATP tournaments will take place in London again. O2 Arena will host best of the best 2015 tennis players from November 15 […]

HEAD Rackets

ATP TENNIS PROS PLAYING WITH HEAD RACKET If you are interested in SKI, check pro skiers using the HEAD brand on Head Graphene Touch Speed MP Review More about the founder of Head company WTA TENNIS PROS PLAYING WITH HEAD RACKET CHECK PRICES OF HEAD RACKETS HERE Need Tennis Equipment to […]

Who will win Wimbledon 2022?

Our readers poll for the upcoming highlight of the tennis season. Who will win Wimbledon 2022? If you’re looking for the best Wimbledon betting sites, head to The difference between the Total Votes number and the sum of votes for players you see are votes for players who are […]

Wimbledon 2022 Pre-Tournament Winners Predictions

The third grand slam of the year, the famous Wimbledon will be played in a different atmosphere. No Russian and Belarusian player is allowed, which means we will not see Medvedev, Rublev, and Sabalenka. ATP and WTA decided not to award points for the tournament but players will still be […]

The Best Fila Tennis Shoes

Recently retired number one tennis star Ash Barty, Karolina Pliskova, or Diego Schwartzman. They all wear the same footwear and apparel on the courts. Fila is originally an Italian company founded by Ettore and Giansevero Fila in 1911 in Piedmont. In 2003 the ownership of the company went from Italian […]

Slinger Bag

Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machine Review

It seems that we are close to the price revolution in the tennis ball machines industry. Slinger Bag Ltd. planned to start the sale of its Slinger Bag portable tennis machine – Slingshot T-One Launcher in the summer of 2019, with a price tag below $500. In the end, they […]


Tennis Racket Brands Shares in Professional Tennis

Last Update: 08/27/2022 – US Open 2022 data regularly counts and publishes the shares of tennis racket brands among professional tennis players. We maintain the database of tennis players and the rackets they use (check here) and we also follow the shares of individual tennis racket brands for ATP […]

Black Friday Tennis Deals

I think many people desire to have a brand new model of a tennis racket or tennis shoes. However, fulfilling this desire can be really expensive. Therefore, I prefer to be wise when shopping for something, including shopping for tennis gear. You have to be patient to get the best […]